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Things went surprisingly well! mostly… ehm… er.. I didn’t exactly stick to schedule, here’s how it went:

Waking up like a soldier, I was shaved, showered, worked-out, and started working within 15 minutes of bailing out of bed. Work and creative endeavors were so successful and precise to the minute (and my fingers are killing me after trying a few guitar chords), but I slacked in the AI study part, the two reasons I blame are: finding a russian band willing to compose awesome post-rock instrumental music pieces for games for the shear fun of it, and they are looking for a developer to participate.. ding ding ding proximity alert :D

Here, take an eavesdrop: IWFYLS

Second reason is Khawater Season 7, the only reality TV show that may one day change the world for the better, at least our world.. and the only thing on tv that makes me wip-out that old dusty forgotten tv and its abandoned friend the sat receiver and tinker with them until they start. But the show is so short :( how I wish it lasts an hour or something. And the advertisements…. it seems to have gone from bad to worse to the point it makes tv completely unwatchable for me, well back to no tv, much better life.

I really liked how mandebt analyzed the tv situation today here

After admitting I’m an anti-tv activist, and inviting you kindly to join the resistance, I conveniently distracted you so you won’t ask me what happened to the rest of the time schedule.

Note to self: gotta write something anti-tv soon

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01 August 2011