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I’ve been living as a student for more than 20 years, 8 of them in University… I spent about 4 years jumping around majors, universities, and countries. This tends to embed loads of bad habits specific to students, like the habit of depending on university to control my sleep times, or the homeless-like life of eating what you can find when and wherever you may find it (my favorite hehehe).

About a month ago, I finished my degree, no more student status.. everything suddenly stopped, and I found myself in this twilight zone of “OMG what the hell is happening??

I mean sure I can trick myself into believing it’s only a summer vacation (which instantly means it’s time to get crazy and have fun anyway possible) and later this year it’s all gonna be just a dream and I’ll wakeup finding myself back in university and troubled with Midterms and Finals and whatnot just like the not-so-old days.

In fact, I could trick myself into believing that much easier than trying to accept the facts which seems too sci-fi for me.. (the subconscious goes like: HUH? Me? no more study or exams? naaah… you’re wrong somewhere)

But I know it’s a fact…… maybe?

This is like a defacto struggle that all tough-majored students must face and conquer, here’s how it looked like from noticing my friends who graduated before me:

Clenching to the student life, trying to keep everything as it was, seeking continuity and not liking to go into the unknown world of “your time is actually yours now kiddo!” Things go out of control, in a chaotic way, sleeping, eating, life in general (I think that is where I am) Somehow surviving all that without a terminal disease, and then just accepting the new state, but not before a long tiring battle with looking-for-a-job and creating-a-new-lifestyle.

I wish I can afford the time it takes to battle with that and accept it, but since I’m trying to finish my first commercial game which I put a lot of work into already and the hard part is over… I can’t afford to abandon it until my life gets back into order.

Being essentially an engineer (only essentially though), I’ve always been in favor of tables, data, schedules, and detailed numeric specific stuff in general (also known as Engineers Syndrome or E.S. -don’t search for it I totally made it up-). So I sat down a few days and devised a timetable-plan that I’m gonna try as an experiment…

But why did I go loud here all of a sudden? hell.. I admit it, I like writing and I usually do it in text-files which you can find scattered everywhere addressable by memory on my computers, mostly they go in crap-i-forgot-i-wrote-that land. This particular plan I want to archive the details here, so it doesn’t face that destiny and frankly because putting it somewhere people can actually see should hopefully lessen the chances of an eventual epic fail.

Here’s is the plan, I am to follow the following timetable while writing daily follow-up logs here that can later be used to devise a new enhanced follow-up timetable, it is iterative design in practice :D (and too much following)

The experiment will go for a week starting from tomorrow: Monday, August 1, 2011 and should end at next Monday with an epic fail or a mild success (epic win is not to be expected)



You can see I mixed activities in an interesting way.. I did that trying to satisfy both the need to work and the need to be creative.

This is a psychological/kinda-biological principle, the right half of the brain is engaged when you play in a creative way or do something non-linear, unexpected or artsy. While the left half of the brain likes reality, logic, linearity, and predictability (aka boring), both halves should be engaged equally during the day in order to achieve balance. And the third part is rest, which allows the integration of what you learned and experienced during the day :)

More Information: Left Vs. Right

Ouch, took me about an hour and a half to write this post, got to learn to cut down that time…

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31 July 2011