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A mysteriously crashed Windows 7 which meant the Alarm software didn’t sound the alarm, AND the mobile battery is dead… meant I didn’t wake-up, and when I finally did, it was 3PM and I started cursing Microsoft for how long I slept (for once it wasn’t completely their fault, only partially, but they still get cursed. My rules).

Things went downhill from there, the whole day was backwards timetable wise, I started by spending 2 hours researching an idea of a music-based abstract game I’m planning for sometime now, a producer/music composer by the nickname hektikbeatz contacted me expressing his interest in collaborating in such a project if it ever became reality, take an eavesdrop here: Hektik Music

I did try to contact local Egyptian bands about a month ago (most of them here play metal) and explain my idea, but couldn’t get any pulse back, they either are too scared to try something new or just not interested, don’t know, but seems like the idea could live online even though I really prefer real world face-to-face work. That way I could storm their homes and pull them from their feet out of their beds into a cafe and “WORK NAW!” while pointing and showing a serious facial expression.

Going back to timetable, afterwards, I went out to get food because it was almost sunset and I didn’t have any eatable substances in my fridge. This means I took a rest, then went out, exactly the opposite of todays timetable.

Why stop? I just kept going backwards, into 3 hours of work on FirstDefense, then 2 hour of Guitar Learning instead of 3D modeling, because when I started Blender after nearly 8 months of not touching a modeling package, I went blank and panicked..

Followed that by 3 more hours of work on FirstDefense, which ended 30 minutes ago.

I should be studying psychology for 3 hours… though because it’s 4am, I may end up sleeping to fix what Microsoft did to my sleep (bad bad Microsoft). But I’ll try reading a bit, thinking of mining: My Voice Will Go With You -The Teaching Tales Of Milton Erickson by Sidney Rosen, Milton Erickson rocks =)

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03 August 2011