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Attention spans continue to get shorter, apps start selling for 10 cents, AAA game teams get bigger, but the single player game gets smaller, all become subscription based.

Everyone on the planet with access to electricity releases an indie game, each game sells one copy to the authors mum. (LOL)

PS4 comes out, it’s an uzi with hdmi output, only plays ww2 fps shooters.

Zynga buys EA and Activision, WOW becomes a point and click mystery detective game on facebook, fifa actually gets better.

The internet starts broadcasting adverts every 7 minutes simultaneously world wide, but tailored to your search history, google starts selling premium advertless internet subscriptions.

Google/Apple/MS/Zynga merge, release chip that bolts into your head to replace reality.

Lion Head ship a game where you really can do anything.

Excerpt from: The games Industry a 25 year postmortem by Mike Diskett

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01 February 2012