It was in 1987, on my third birthday, when I picked up my first joystick. It was an Atari 2600 that my parents had bought me. It was at that moment I knew what my life was going to be about.

Eight years and a few console generations later, I discovered a wonderful machine called a ‘computer’. I created my first BASIC program on an old NEC Z-80 computer when I was 11 years old. It was a line that darted back and forth on the screen, and I was so proud of it. From that moment on my main quest was to learn how games are made and I dreamt of even one day creating great games myself. It was not easy in the beginning as I was born in Iraq during a time of great turmoil and into a culture where working hard to make one’s dreams come true, open-mindedness, and hope for the future, were all alien.

But when I sat down for the first time to work in front of a console devkit, I knew that all these years of hard work were totally worth it. Every curse I muttered when things didn’t work out as expected only got me closer to my dreams.

After finishing my engineering degree, I started developing games for some awesome international game development studios. I have been involved in making great games and I am gathering more knowledge, gaining experience, and developing my craft. Of course, I still make time to play games.

I am excited about the future of games, as well as my own, because I know now that the worst is gone and the best is yet to come.

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