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The number of games that has been submitted so far is 64! some wonderfully awesome stuff in there :D

Alas, I couldn’t finish Zamron in time and not even close (today is the last submission day but I’m still working on level 3!), but now I’m so determined to finish it anyway.. it’s personal :<

My development/time plans were sound but the reason why I couldn’t finish it is probably because I didn’t do much work during the last 2 weeks or so, it has been a crazy month… I was assuming that my engineering degree will take = (rand() % 10) + 2 months giving me enough time to finish Zamron, First Defense, and Escapor.. however, I got it right in the middle of last month! and everything changed :’(

My job hunt began which takes a lot more time than expected! and I’ve been trying to demystify some new technologies used in games now that didn’t exist last time I worked on a AAA game, crash course in compute shaders? :D

I’m also trying to cure my assembly addiction by writing assembly shaders rather than the usual falling back to emulated Z80 on an 80s computer but why am I even mentioning this? it’s incredibly irrelevant hehe

And before I could even take a breath, mini-LD 30 is already scheduled for 4th of November, yes 3 days from now.. I need a flower with an even number of leafs so that when I do “enter, not-enter, …” I get a totally random not-enter.

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01 November 2011