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NOTE: Flash is killed by Adobe so I expect all URLs listed here to vanish

Since Flash 11 is released yesterday, I thought I might as well try the Stage3D (Molehill), at least to set my development tools if I wanted to do something with it in the near future..

The information out there about Stage3D and setting it up with FlashDevelop is confusing and outdated, google didn’t help much, I followed what seems to be the main method to set up the incubator playerglobal.swc and an unofficial flash player debugger which I couldn’t get to “debug” things, then I just found that Adobe did release an official player debugger and playerglobal.swc yesterday! but google didn’t show it in the results probably because it’s very recent and I couldn’t find a direct link for it easily within Adobe Flex/Flash developers pages today (probably because I’m blind), so here it is if someone missed it:

To set Flash 11 (Stage3D Molehill) up with FlashDevelop 4, first you need Flex SDK 4 (get the latest stable) if you don’t have it already and set it up normally with FlashDevelop 4, then:

  1. download (or whatever the latest version is)
  2. download the Windows Flash Player 11.0 Projector content debugger (“flashplayer_11_sa_debug_32bit.exe”)

Setting up playerglobal.swc

  • rename “” to “playerglobal.swc” (don’t uncompress it!)
  • navigate to {YourFlex4SDKFolder}\frameworks\libs\player\11.0\
  • overwrite the playerglobal.swc you find there with the downloaded file

Setting up FlashDevelop with Flash Player Debugger 11

  • In FlashDevelop, goto Tools -> Program Settings -> Flash Viewer
  • Change “External Player Path” to point to your “flashplayer_11_sa_debug_32bit.exe”
  • In your project properties, set the platform to Flash Player 11.0, the SDK to the latest Flex 4 SDK you have.. then in Compiler Options -> Additional Compiler Options add this: “-swf-version=13”

That’s it :D Happy Coding!

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05 October 2011