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So here I was wondering today what steps are needed to upload a game to say.. Kongregate? and what can I change later? No better way to know than to actually upload a test game.. appropriately I have First Defense test lying around which served it’s purpose as concept grounds.. and.. done! here: First Defense Test

This doesn’t look anywhere near the actual First Defense I’m working on now, but the basic gameplay mechanic involving directing and firing a cannon is the basis on which both stand.

Today, I got two highlights about ActionScript 3:

  1. Flash performance isn’t great, the only thing that could be slower is perhap Pygame/Python.. It’s better to plan to remedy this early so the product is playable on performance limited devices, like netbooks for example.

  2. Flash wasn’t made for games, thus there are things that are trivial to do when using other solutions but could waste serious time and effort in Flash. An example of one of those things is how to pause the game and show a pause menu?

I’ll finish this post with a link to a small and useful ActionScript3 library, its task is to implement and run finite state machines, here:

Happy Coding!

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22 March 2011