After last post I had a few realizations when I compiled raylib and tested the same examples on my aging Macbook Pro that I’ve revived. The module music example crashes the same way! so the RPiZ/3 were innocent. And the colored cubes example is very expensive to run on the Intel Iris 5100 too which is not a slouch. So I had to redo these two tests to make sure I made a correct evaluation.

First, running a different cubes drawing demo on RPiZ resulted in a solid 60 fps:

Also I realized the reason why the textures_bunnymark demo didn’t show any bunnies on the Raspberries is that I had to modify it to emit bunnies with keyboard input since there is no mouse cursor when running native GL like that, but all the bunnies were being spawned at GetMousePosition() which always returns origin of screen in this case and the bunnies stay under the top rectangle!

So now the bunnies are spawned in the center and it works perfectly:

Can render up to 2000 alpha-blended bunnies to the framebuffer while maintaining a solid 60 fps! that’s not bad at all for 2D games. Once we get to 2100 bunnies the performance drops drastically from 60 to around 52 fps. This kind of predictable performance is only possible in native mode, so I consider this experiment a success. 🙌

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15 March 2023