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Exactly 1 year and 13 days since my last post here, here’s an extremely brief overview of what happened in a year:

  • Left Small World Interactive and Egypt
  • Moved to Istanbul, Turkey and joined PeakGames (Flash/Actionscript3)
  • Made a lot of great friends
  • Crazy work hours (from 9am to 7pm) didn’t leave me much for anything, but the weekends of 2 days were awesome! I spent them all away from computers exploring nature and Turkey, I saw and did things I only experienced in my dreams :-)
  • Met an amazing girlfriend, spent a few incredible months together.
  • Girlfriend went home
  • Left PeakGames

Good days

So now, I’m exactly where I started a year ago, except with a little more money, experience, and a lot of amazing memories. These days I’m searching for a great job, somewhere outside Turkey where there is a competitive games industry and gamedev events.

Meanwhile, I’m back home in Istanbul going back to my roots.. to beautiful C/C++ working on Zenithia my Direct3D9 soon to be Direct3D11 framework, and I’m more inspired and driven than ever!

My near future is unknown, but I know it’ll somehow end up being awesome not so far ahead from now.

Happy Coding!

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23 July 2013