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How… did this happen? its only been a month 0_o I felt like it was 6 months, which tells me I should probably party more often hehe.. but with who? its getting lonelier :(

I am somehow back to working on Flash games, and I don’t even see Unity that much these days, I dig Flash… really… my actionscript 3 library is awesome and I’m constantly developing it, the last major addition was a mini retro game engine which I appropriately called “Retro” (I know I know, I’m very creative), other than that during the last few days I paid a visit to the hellish part that handles automatic pausing/resuming and muting of everything while playing well with Flash events, Tweener, Input, Sound, Flint particles, etc… and it didn’t smell good at all. Furthermore, these days, I’m haunted by this insane desire… to remake Volguard! one of my favorite games on my first BASIC only iraqi-made computer, the good ol’ Warkaa.

An artist friend of mine said that obsessed programmers are haunted by their work, they walk around while thinking about it, they sleep while thinking about it, they even answer nature’s variety of calls while thinking about it (which tends to be a very meditative problem solving environment, I tell ya).. at that time I strongly denied what he said and made a cocky comment about how I can put work in the back of my head when I want to, but I left out the fact I don’t always necessarily want to do that, heh.

As for life itself.. what life? scratches-head I’m trying to put things back in order, but things just keep jumping back out… lol, what a mess.

The hardest thing I’m facing now is this new type of loneliness, I got lots of friends around me everywhere, but I can only communicate with them using a language/accent that’s either alien to me or alien to them, ensuring that any communication we have can only belong to the small-talk island, lacking depth and substance.. I’m hoping this will get better with time.

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01 May 2012