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Yesterday was the last workday of my first month at Small World Interactive, so much stuff happened in the last few weeks, I met a lot of interesting people and made many new friends everywhere. I’m a little drained and low energy but I’m hoping it’ll get better in the next few days once I settle in my new place.

Life as a student had a much slower rate, it was very predictable and forgiving. Now it kinda feels like a jungle! I experience so many unknowns every single week and don’t really have time to slow down and process.. but I’m trying to enjoy this new life-style to the fullest, and I bet once I get used to it it’s not gonna feel chaotic anymore.

Yesterday, I went out to celebrate the end of the first month and I had lots of fun even though I was basically in zombie mode most of the time. I also had to say goodbye to two friends I know I’ll miss, and I really hate goodbyes… it’s like you are connected to someone by a thread and that thread suddenly snaps, leaving emptiness and memories behind.

On the technical front, Unity is awesome (of course) but it’s making me miss the flexibility I got used to in lower level solutions,.. and I’m also missing writing serious code, as in writing crafty complex code the whole day to do weird stuff only developers understand? I’m kinda becoming more design/rendering centric, I got shaderz in mah bloodstream baby :D

Cobalt FTW!

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30 March 2012