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Remember that interview I did under the influence of food poisoning? turns out I did great even though I don’t remember much of what happened :D

So you are now looking at the new Game Developer (aka. teh new guy) at Small World Interactive, still under evaluation so my job description will be specified at a later time. But this means my plans to leave Egypt are taking a backseat now, and frankly I only wanted to leave so I could work in my field of choice since my options were very limited here.

Today happens to be my first weekend! and I’ve been having too much fun working in the last few days, at one point I coded an experimental anti-cheat patch and watched a capable hacker try to break-in using things as crazy as assembly and not be able to! my grin was epic and every time the thing crashes I’d high-five someone in the background.

I’m also going to move to Dokki (Cairo) probably in the next few days to be within walking distance from where I work, so goodbye 6th of October.. I’ll surely miss your empty quiet neighborhoods and great diverse restaurants.

Rock On!

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09 March 2012