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So a week ago, I drank a cup of hot chocolate made with a month old bad milk by mistake.. and I only realized how awful it tastes past half the cup.. I put it down and looked at the cup staring back at me with an evil smile and said: oh yeah? I’m shaking.. I’m shaking

That was a week ago, I couldn’t sleep an hour for the last 5 days, I’m dizzy and nauseas the whole day, and I’m taking 5 different pills that all do weird stuff and have long names I can’t pronounce. There are also some extremely weird symptoms, like 3 days ago I was trying to sleep for 6 hours uselessly.. I got up from bed and I was really dizzy and can’t focus my eyes! I saw everything in 2 I think I was cross-eyed for like an hour… or was that a nightmare? I really can’t tell anymore.

Just a short while ago, I actually managed to sleep for an entire 2 hours, hurray! I also had a dream that was not a nightmare at all, in one part people would fall on each other and roll like a ball that grows with more people as it goes (including yours truly), until they hit a wall, and every time I hit a wall, it felt so painful.. then I just get up and see everyone died and go like: I’m not dead because I workout everyday! grin lol

Then I totally got a camera-man, a mic, and ran around the streets asking people: “Do you think uncommented code is bad?” and I picked the best people to answer that question: an old homeless man and a drunk party girl, among others

that’s one multipart nightmare I will not soon forget… also my first nightmare with a sense of humor hehe

To top it all? I had a job interview that I had to go to right in the middle of this, sleep deprived and barely alive.

Life is good

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02 March 2012