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I’m exceptionally happy with how the timetable turned out to be much more suitable to me compared to the first one, I have been sleeping from 12-8 for about a week now. I managed to keep the timetable going in Alexandria.

Eventually though I started to get seriously frustrated with how slow working on the netbook was. I mean everytime I built the swf file as debug I’m forced to wait for 5+ minutes while the Netbook nearly hangs with all resources nearing 100% (RAM and two CPU cores!), by the last day I would take a break every single time I wanted to test the swf, that was not cool. But I’m back to my working PC now :)

I’ll share with you the method I’m using to control my sleep rhythm, I’ve been struggling with sleeping rhythm problems for as long as I can remember, as far as primary school, maybe these would help someone out there..

  1. Specify a time to wake up, this must be constant.
  2. For many years, I’ve been lying in bed to read and write and sometimes even work on my laptop. If you are anything like me, this should stop now. Never lie down unless you want to sleep, bed is for sleeping.
  3. Plan for going to sleep 8 hours before the time you wake up, but don’t go to sleep unless you start dozing off (micro-sleep) while reading a book or working on something for example.
  4. Don’t watch TV before sleeping, it’s flashy bright and may disturb your natural sleeping habits. Read a book instead or work on something, you’ll know when you’re ready to sleep.
  5. It’s ok if you didn’t feel sleep creeping in until 6 or even 5 hours prior to the time you wake up, your biology will automatically make up for it the next day by making you sleep earlier.

And that’s it!

I’m preparing to start Ludum Dare 21 competition tomorrow, I’ll start it by sleeping hehehe because it officially starts at 12am, but I’ll keep the game theme in mind while sleeping.. usually helps with arriving at great ideas the next day :)

I will not be staying up for the whole 48 hours, in fact I’m not planning to change my sleeping habits at all. This way I get 16 hours of sleep and 32 hours of work. Good enough for me.

I’m going to use Flash, and may use the same techniques I’m using in First Defense, in fact I might use a bunch of code files directly from my flash library, but I’m going to have to share it with Ludum Dare community before Ludum Dare 21 starts. Or may be write things from scratch to make the experience more.. pure :D

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18 August 2011