I resurrected a bunch of old projects done for either fun or while job hunting:

This is a demo made to breath life into a mockup screenshot I found online. Don’t remember where I got the mockup from but I like the vibe :)

Demo is written using javascript/PhaserJS directly on the sadly-ruined-to-milk-for-money-by-amazon website Cloud9. I find it infuriating that rather than supporting the c9 platform and the growing community that used it for small projects, Amazon ate the service and now only allow using it through their hyper-complex-absurdly-massive AWS mess of enterprise stuff.

This is a simple shapes application written in Typescript/Angular. It lets you: create/delete shapes, select and transform existing shapes, and saves everything by default so if you refresh the page it should restore your scene.

This is a demo to try to imitate Super Mario Bros character controls as close as possible. Written using Typescript/PhaserJS in Cloud9 (when it was usable). I didn’t intend for it to be a full game.

Remastering Zamron

Through October, myself and my brother worked to remaster an old game of mine, Zamron Encounter. We had two goals:

  1. Porting game graphics to use hardware accelerated Stage3D in Flash. The game used Flash/AS3 software rendering for graphics which is awfuly slow and buggy.
  2. My brother wanted to re-make game art for fun and so far he did a great job!

Technically the re-master is 95% done, there are two bugs left to resolve (albeit tricky ones) and we can re-release a much better version of Zamron.

Artistically, my brother finished level art and a bunch of other stuff. Still working on monsters and player textures.

There is a larger goal to eventually start a new project to remake Zamron from the ground up using a modern engine into a full product. The re-mastering effort serves two purposes: having a usable prototype to base the remake on, and developing a work pipeline between us two.

Will talk more about Zamron’s remaster progress in the future.

Here’s a sneak peek for what we currently have:

Currently working on: Game Off 2019

Game Off 2019 is a relaxed 30 days game jam that just started a few days ago that me and my brother are participating in. The theme for this one is: Leaps and Bounds. So far we have a few concepts in progress and I hope by next week we’ll be able to show some progress.

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06 November 2019