es6-shim 0.35.5 (7 March 2019)

  • [Fix] es6-sham: don’t poison the getter when the receiver is Function.prototype (#454)
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config
  • [Dev Deps] remove jscs and jshint

es6-shim 0.35.4 (29 October 2018)

  • [Fix] protect against evil build processes by ensuring these feature tests don‘t look like no-ops that are safe to remove
  • [Fix] broken hasULPDistance → working withinULPDistance helper
  • [Fix] acosh: fix precision (#338)
  • [Fix] Math.{asinh,atanh,cosh,sinh} precision (from #338)
  • [Fix] Google Translate adds a broken Set to the global scope (#438)
  • [Fix] Distinguish Set and Map iterators (#387)
  • [Docs] Tweaking documentation specifying inclusion order (#435)

es6-shim 0.35.3 (23 January 2017)

  • [Fix] avoid needlessly shimming Array#{find, findIndex} (#433)
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, grunt-saucelabs
  • [Tests] up to node v7.4, v4.7; improve test matrix

es6-shim 0.35.2 (3 December 2016)

  • [Fix] ensure document.all is not treated as a non-object-coercible (#428)
  • [Performance] Use original map for data backing when possible (#429, #422)
  • [Dev Deps] update es5-shim, eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, jscs, jshint, mocha, promises-plus-tests, uglify-js
  • [Tests] up to node v7.2, v5.12, v4.6; improve test matrix
  • [Tests] avoid function name inference in node 7+
  • [Tests] add Firefox Nightly error messages to fix false failure

es6-shim 0.35.1 (12 May 2016)

  • [Fix] Functions are objects (#418)
  • [Fix] use createDataPropertyOrThrow in Array.from, rather than [[Put]] (#415)
  • [Refactor] Use iteratorResult internally for iterator result objects
  • [Refactor] Simplify logic for Math.tanh (#412)
  • [Robustness] cache Math constants
  • [Robustness] cache Math.exp
  • [Robustness] don’t rely on a Math lookup inside Math.asinh
  • [Robustness] use cached Number.isNaN
  • [Robustness] cache Math.sign
  • [Dev Deps] update es5-shim, eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, jscs, uglify-js, grunt-contrib-connect, grunt-contrib-watch, evalmd, jshint
  • [Tests] up to node v6.1, v5.10, v4.4
  • [Tests] npm run --silent, use “pretest” for linting
  • [Tests] RegExp#toString: Chrome Canary 51 produces /undefined/
  • [Docs] update ES6 draft comment URLs to point to the published spec

es6-shim 0.35.0 (29 Feb 2016)

  • [Breaking] remove Reflect.enumerate (#405)
  • [New] Add Array#indexOf from post-ES6 errata
  • [New] Ensure RegExp#toString is compliant
  • [New] [sham] Add Function#toString to es6-sham
  • [Fix] ensure that a non-object globals.Reflect doesn’t break the shim (#392)
  • [Fix] In ES3 browsers (like Safari 4) Reflect.getPrototypeOf is undefined
  • [Fix] Object.keys: handle regexes in ES3 browsers (#287)
  • [Performance] Early exit from tanh for values outside of +-20 at limits of JS precision (#411)
  • [Tests] Function#name on new Functions is empty string in v8
  • [Tests] Function#name is non-configurable pre-ES6
  • [Tests] up to node v5.7, v4.3
  • [Docs] correct readme; we sham Function#name, not toString

es6-shim 0.34.4 (9 Feb 2016)

  • [Fix] ‘Uncaught (in promise) TypeError’ in Chrome 48 (#408, #407)
  • [Fix] handle the obscure case where startsWith throws on the second parameter (#399)
  • [Tests] silence a promise rejection error in Chrome

es6-shim 0.34.3 (8 Feb 2016)

  • [Fix] Suppress “uncaught rejection” warnings in Chrome 50 console (#403)
  • [Fix] ensure ES3 Number constants don’t get lost in ES3 browsers (#402)
  • [Dev Deps] update chai, es5-shim, jscs, mocha
  • [Tests] up to node v5.5

es6-shim 0.34.2 (22 Jan 2016)

  • [Fix] JSON.stringify should ignore a replacer arg unless it’s an array or function.
  • [Fix] Array#copyWithin: check for inherited properties as well
  • [Fix] Array#copyWithin: should delete the target key if the source key is not present
  • [Performance] Optimize Map/Set fast key path (#397)
  • [Tests] fix Reflect.enumerate tests to not call next too many times
  • [Dev Deps] update jscs, jshint
  • [Docs] update license year to 2016 (#400)

es6-shim 0.34.1 (5 Jan 2016)

  • [Fix] RegExp#[] was broken with a regex argument (#394)
  • [Fix] ensure that Set#clear works with both primitive and object values
  • [Fix] static Promise methods have the wrong length in Firefox
  • [Robustness] Cache Object.keys
  • [Performance] Avoid accessing arguments array without length check
  • [Performance] Optimize ES.TypeIsObject (#388)
  • [Performance] Promises: lots of improvements (#383)
  • [Performance] Only use slow implementation of IsCallable where necessary (old browsers)
  • [Performance] Promises: remove unnecessary .bind on setImmediate
  • [Refactor] extract “decode fast Map key” logic
  • [Dev Deps] update s5-shim, @ljharb/eslint-config
  • Don’t npmignore tests
  • [Tests] Fix a bug with “deep equal” wrt NaN
  • [Tests] split up Map and Set test files
  • [Tests] up to node v5.3

es6-shim 0.34.0 (14 Dec 2015)

  • [Breaking] Remove Symbol.species from Promise.all and Promise.race (#34)
  • [Fix] Firefox has enumerable Promise static methods
  • [Fix] prevent crashes in older Firefox when checking if Array methods ToLength correctly
  • [Fix] Reflect.enumerate: ensure correct property ordering in Firefox 19 (and likely others)
  • [Fix] Ensure that toLengthsCorrectly returns true when it passes, instead of undefined
  • [Fix] Don’t call Reflect.construct unless it’s actually present
  • [Fix] Ensure Map and Set do not have an own constructor property (#368)
  • [Fix] Add missing checks to Promise.resolve and Promise.reject (#379)
  • [Fix] Map: older v8s have a SameValueZero bug when a Map has a size > 4 (#378)
  • [Fix] Map: when provided with an iterable that yields non-Object values, should throw
  • [Fix] Promise: Make sure to shim broken implementations in Chrome 49 Canary
  • [Fix] Promise: Chrome does not retrieve a thenable’s .then synchronously (#372)
  • [New] Add RegExp.prototype[Symbol.{match,search,split,replace}]
  • [New] support Symbol.match in RegExp constructor
  • [New] add Symbol.match and ensure String#{match, startsWith, endsWith, includes} support it
  • [New] add Symbol.split and ensure String#split supports it
  • [New] add Symbol.replace and ensure String#replace supports it
  • [New] add and ensure String#search supports it
  • [Robustness] Add and use ES.ToString so as not to rely on the global String
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, jscs, mocha, uglify-js, es5-shim, grunt-saucelabs
  • [Tests] bailing out of some tests when the feature isn’t present, to clean up native test failure output
  • [Tests] up to node v5.2
  • [Tests] fix npm run test:native
  • [Tests] Ensure Promise.{reject,resolve} throws when the receiver is a primitive (#379)
  • [Tests] Further ensure that Promise.resolve/reject work with a non-promise receiver (#379)
  • [Docs] update README URLs (#375)
  • [Docs] fix some typos (#380)

es6-shim 0.33.13 (12 Nov 2015)

  • [Fix] Number: when no arguments are passed, return +0.
  • [Fix] Number: Make sure string values are trimmed before attempting to parse.
  • [Tests] cleaning up Number tests)
  • [Dev Deps] update uglify-js

es6-shim 0.33.12 (11 Nov 2015)

  • [Fix] IE 8: more NFE madness.
  • [Dev Deps] update es5-shim
  • [Docs] removing now-fixed Number caveat
  • [Docs] use assertions so evalmd will test the readme better.
  • [Docs] fix incorrect isFinite note (#373)

es6-shim 0.33.11 (9 Nov 2015)

  • [Fix] handle future change of RegExp.prototype not being a regex (#370, #371)
  • [Fix] disallow invalid hex strings in Number (#369)
  • [Tests] Tweak “polluted prototype” approach
  • [Dev Deps] update chai, es5-shim, eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, jscs

es6-shim 0.33.10 (2 Nov 2015)

  • [Fix] the Number constructor properly trims (or not) whitespace characters (#368)
  • [Fix] Number('0b12') and Number('0o18') should both be NaN (#366)
  • [Tests] Fix npm upgrades in older nodes
  • [Tests] add npm run tests-only
  • [Tests] on node v5.0
  • [Tests] ensure JSON.stringify has the right name
  • [Tests] add npm run eslint
  • [Dev Deps] update es5-shim, jscs
  • [Cleanup] Rearrange things so that they’re defined before they’re used
  • [Cleanup] Don’t reassign to function or catch parameters
  • [Cleanup] Remove unused variables
  • [Refactor] String#trim shim should use defineProperty, and check more non-whitespace chars

es6-shim 0.33.9 (29 Oct 2015)

  • [Fix] IE 8: Number(new Number(1)) was throwing. More NFE madness. (#365)

es6-shim 0.33.8 (23 Oct 2015)

  • [Fix] IE 8: Promise.resolve(2) was throwing. More named function expression madness.
  • [Tests] Reflect: Don’t attempt to define properties on this test object unless we’re in true ES5.

es6-shim 0.33.7 (23 Oct 2015)

  • [Fix] Ensure preserveToString does not throw when the original does not exist (#359)
  • [Fix] Promise: properly handle named function expressions in IE 8.
  • [Fix] Number: wrapConstructor now works in ES3 (#365)
  • [Docs] Document Number supporting string binary and octal literals.
  • [Tests] add commented-out test for typeof, 3) === 'number', which fails atm.
  • [Tests] Fix browser tests sans-npm install
  • [Dev Deps] update es5-shim, jscs, uglify-js, chai

es6-shim 0.33.6 (29 Sep 2015)

  • [Fix] In IE 6-8, of course, typeof setTimeout is “object”
  • [Tests] Upgrade jQuery on the test HTML pages

es6-shim 0.33.5 (28 Sep 2015)

  • [Fix] IE 6-8 have wacky scoping issues with named function expressions.
  • [Fix] Apparently in IE 8, RegExp#test is an own property of regexes, not a prototype method
  • [Fix] Make sure to treat es5-sham’s Object.defineProperty as unsupported, in IE 8

es6-shim 0.33.4 (27 Sep 2015)

  • [Fix] Add test, and fix, for JSON.stringify(Object(Symbol())) throwing on Chrome 45
  • [Fix] Wrap JSON.stringify when Symbol exists and it fails to serialize them correctly
  • [Fix] fix Reflect.defineProperty on edge v0.12
  • [Robustness] Cache Array.isArray internally
  • [Refactor] Use internal overrideNative helper for String.prototype HTML methods
  • [Refactor] Update is-arguments implementation; don’t call down legacy code path in modern engines
  • [Tests] Add evalmd to verify that example code blocks are valid
  • [Tests] Adding a test for Safari 7.1 and later (runtime check added in 8a8ddd36186cdc1fcb3fcc259ec9ecef1e141901)
  • [Tests] Add additional JSON.stringify test for Symbol and object Symbol values
  • [Tests] up to io.js v3.3, node v4.1
  • [Dev Deps] update es5-shim, mocha, chai

es6-shim 0.33.3 (31 Aug 2015)

  • [Fix] Handle Firefox Nightly’s broken construct method
  • [Tests] Add JSON.stringify tests for handling Symbols

es6-shim 0.33.2 (26 Aug 2015)

  • [Fix] Make sure that minified code preserves function names.
  • [Fix] Skip the Promise shim when setTimeout is not available (#301)
  • [Docs] Add note about setPrototypeOf on null objects

es6-shim 0.33.1 (20 Aug 2015)

  • [New] Add support for binary and octal literals in strings to the Number constructor (#358)
  • [Docs] Update spec link to final spec
  • [Fix] Reflect.enumerate: does not necessarily wait until the first next() to determine keys.
  • [Refactors] split up some tests; name some functions; remove unnecessary code
  • {Refactors] make ObjectIterator properties non-enumerable
  • [Refactors] Refactor RegExp wrapping code so most of it can be reused.
  • [Tests] up to io.js v3.1
  • [Dev Deps] update grunt-contrib-connect, jscs

es6-shim 0.33.0 (30 Jul 2015)

  • [Breaking] Avoid CSP errors in Chrome apps by using global var detection (#301)
  • [Performance] Rearranging some of the Map/Set runtime shim clobberings to be more efficient.
  • [Refactor] Implement Array.of directly, rather than in terms of Array.from
  • [Dev Deps] Update chai, es5-shim, promises-aplus-tests, uglify-js
  • [Tests] Add test for Object.getPrototypeOf accepting primitives.
  • [Tests] Bail out of individual Reflect tests when the methods don’t exist
  • [Tests] Test on latest io.js

es6-shim 0.32.3 (21 Jun 2015)

  • [Fix] Override or wrap native Reflect methods in Microsoft Edge v0.11 as required.
  • [Fix] Edge v0.11: Array.from([], undefined) should not throw
  • [Fix] Fix a bug in Array.from handles iterables runtime clobbering, which would always replace the native function
  • [Fix] Ensure that Set#has has the correct name in Edge v0.11
  • [Tests] Add Map/Set error messages for Edge v0.11
  • [Tests] Fix Math.fround test value for Edge v0.11
  • [Tests] Bail out of Map/Set test blocks if they don’t exist
  • [Docs] Update ES5 subclassing instructions in the README.
  • [Dev Deps] Update es5-shim

es6-shim 0.32.2 (17 Jun 2015)

  • [Fix] Object.assign with no sources should coerce to an object (#348)
  • [Fix] String#includes should throw when given a RegExp (#349)
  • [Fix] RegExp() should not throw (#350)
  • [Fix] Create Value.defineByDescriptor, fix create when Object.create is unavailable.
  • [Compliance] Update Promise.reject to match official ECMA-262 spec.
  • [Dev Deps] Update es5-shim

es6-shim 0.32.1 (13 Jun 2015)

  • [Fix] Make sure that all Map/Set shim forms properly add an iterable to the collection instance.
  • [Tests] Make sure none of the Array ToLength tests throw any error (#347)

es6-shim 0.32.0 (7 Jun 2015)

  • [Spec compliance] Update Promises to match finalized ES6 spec (#345, #344, #239)
  • [Fix] Ensure Map, Set, and Promise shims all throw when used without “new”.
  • [Tests] Fix the pending exceptions test for Safari 5.1
  • [Refactor] Since the String HTML shims will be iterated anyways, no need to defineProperties them twice.
  • [Deps] Update chai, es5-shim

es6-shim 0.31.3 (2 Jun 2015)

  • [Fix] Properly name more shim functions
  • [Fix] Fix an IE bug where the layout engine internally calls the userland Object.getOwnPropertyNames
  • [Fix] Ensure Map.prototype[Symbol.iterator] === Map.prototype.entries
  • [Fix] Ensure Set.prototype[Symbol.iterator] === Set.prototype.values
  • [Tests] Object.assign pending exceptions: IE 9 preventExtensions doesn’t throw, even in strict mode
  • [Security] Cache more native methods in case they’re overwritten later
  • [Tests] IE 11 has native Map/Set, but it takes an optional function, not an optional iterable, in the constructor
  • [Tests] Add more “exists” early bailouts, to declutter native test results
  • [Docs] Alphabetize shim lists in the README
  • [Perf] Add more Map/Set fast paths for more primitives: boolean, null, undefined
  • [Tests] Test up to io.js v2.2
  • [Deps] Update mocha, es5-shim, uglify-js, jshint
  • [Refactor] Style cleanups

es6-shim 0.31.2 (9 May 2015)

  • Fix ES5 Array.prototype method wrappers to return the correct value. (#341)

es6-shim 0.31.1 (7 May 2015)

  • RegExp should work properly as a wrapper (#340)

es6-shim 0.31.0 (1 May 2015)

  • All Array.prototype methods should use ToLength, not ToUint32, on this.length.
  • Preserve and use original Array.prototype functions (for later shimming)
  • Make String#{startsWith, endsWith, includes} tests a bit more granular.
  • Fix Map/Set invalid receiver error messages for WebKit
  • Update grunt-saucelabs, jscs

es6-shim 0.30.0 (26 Apr 2015)

  • Map and Set methods are not generic, and must only be called on valid Map and Set objects.
  • Use the native Number#clz (in Safari 8, eg) inside Math.clz32

es6-shim 0.29.0 (26 Apr 2015)

  • Test on io.js v1.7 and v1.8
  • Ensure that shallowly wrapped Maps’ and Sets’ prototypes aren’t one level too far away.
  • Update chai and use new matchers
  • Avoid reassigning argument variables to avoid deoptimizations
  • Ensure that ES3 browsers get both and Object.assign
  • Improve Object.assign to avoid leaking arguments in v8
  • Ensuring Number.parseInt === parseInt (failed in FF 37)
  • a little more accurate Math.cbrt (#335)
  • Test cleanups
  • Adding Symbol.unscopables tests
  • Adding tests to ensure that default iterators on builtins === the appropriate prototype function.

es6-shim 0.28.2 (13 Apr 2015)

  • Map and Set should have an arity of 0.

es6-shim 0.28.1 (12 Apr 2015)

  • Ensure Object.assign only includes enumerable Symbols.

es6-shim 0.28.0 (12 Apr 2015)

  • Ensure Object.assign also includes Symbols.
  • Make sure to clobber Firefox 37’s very slow native Object.assign, that has “pending exception” logic.
  • Adding much more granular Set/Map acceptance tests and replacements, to preserve as much of the original implementation as possible. (#326, #328)
  • Lots of test additions and cleanup
  • Fill in (and fix) missing name, arity, and enumerability tests.
  • Using property matcher for a more helpful failure message.
  • Make sure this test doesn’t fail if Array#values doesn’t exist yet.
  • Make this @@iterator test not depend on Array#values, and properly skip tests if the symbol isn’t available.
  • Update Math.fround with a much smaller implementation (#332)
  • Lock uglify-js down to v2.4.17, since v2.4.18 and v2.4.19 have a breaking change.
  • Update es5-shim, mocha, grunt-contrib-connect, chai, jshint
  • IE 11 TP has a broken String.raw implementation
  • Overwriting some imprecise Math functions on IE 11 TP.
  • Overwrite Math.imul in Safari 8 to report the correct length.
  • Fix Math.round for very large numbers
  • Don’t rely on shims in tests, for better native failure checking.
  • Shim in ES3 environments, and add tests.
  • Test the native Object.assign prior to shimming it.
  • Tweak the travis-ci config to make a separate “lint only” test run.
  • Fix Firefox 4 test failures: ensure RegExp global aliases starting with “$” exist.
  • more efficient Math.clz32 (#327)
  • Fix Webkit nightly bugs with Array.from and Array.of.
  • Make sure shims that depend on Number.isNaN and Number.isFinite will always work.
  • The latest Webkit nightly has a bug with String#includes and a position arg of Infinity.
  • Webkit r181855 has a noncompliant String#startsWith and String#endsWith
  • Clean up README; add more accurate note about es5-shim.
  • Updating the String.raw code to be more in line with the changes in RC2/Rev 35 of the spec.

es6-shim 0.27.1 (5 Mar 2015)

  • Revert Array#slice changes. (#322)
  • Test on io.js v1.4

es6-shim 0.27.0 (26 Feb 2015)

  • Overwrite Array#slice so that it supports Array subclasses.
  • Improve Map/Set TypeError messages when called as a function. (#321)

es6-shim 0.26.1 (25 Feb 2015)

  • Ensure Array/Array.prototype functions have the correct name.
  • Chrome 40 defines the incorrect name for Array#values
  • Make sure that Array.of works when subclassed.

es6-shim 0.26.0 (24 Feb 2015)

  • Ensure that remaining Object static methods accept primitives.
  • Update chai
  • Document String.prototype HTML methods and Reflect methods in README

es6-shim 0.25.3 (22 Feb 2015)

  • Removing nonexistent arguments from some String.prototype HTML methods
  • All grade A-supported node/iojs versions now ship with an npm that understands ^.
  • Test on iojs-v1.3
  • Update chai
  • Add a LICENSE file

es6-shim 0.25.2 (18 Feb 2015)

  • If someone (looking at you, chalk) has previously modified String.prototype with a non-function “bold”, don‘t break. (#315)

es6-shim 0.25.1 (18 Feb 2015)

  • Add Annex B String.prototype HTML methods.
  • Overwriting Annex B String.prototype HTML methods in IE 9, which both uppercases the tag names, and fails to escape double quotes.
  • Overwriting Annex B String.prototype HTML methods in Safari 4-5, which fails to escape double quotes.
  • Ensuring that Date#toString returns “Invalid Date” when the date‘s value is NaN.
  • Test on iojs-v1.2

es6-shim 0.25.0 (16 Feb 2015)

  • Ensure Object.getOwnPropertyNames accepts primitives.
  • Make sure the replaced Object.keys is non-enumerable.
  • Clean up lots of tests to make failures easier to read, and false negatives less common

es6-shim 0.24.0 (5 Feb 2015)

  • Improving accuracy of Math.expm1 values, and ensuring a shim on Linux FF 35, which reports an inaccurate value for Math.expm1(10).
  • Fix bug from 7454db144e5aa251d599415cfb296b67aa3cf992 which prevented String#startsWith and String#endsWith from being overwritten in old Firefox.
  • Improve tests across a wider list of browsers
  • Ensure that individual Reflect methods are added when possible
  • Add Reflect (#313)
  • Fix node 0.11: it has an imprecise Math.sinh with very small numbers.
  • Alter String#repeat RangeError message to align with Firefox’s native implementation.

es6-shim 0.23.0 (26 Jan 2015)

  • Use Symbol.species when available, else fall back to “@@species” (renamed from “@@create”)
  • Fix npm run test-native
  • Correct broken Math implementations: log1p, exmp1, tanh, acosh, cosh, sinh, round (#314)
  • Update jscs, grunt-saucelabs, jshint

es6-shim 0.22.2 (4 Jan 2015)

  • Faster travis-ci builds
  • Better ES3 support: quoting/avoiding reserved words
  • Update mocha, jscs, jshint, grunt-saucelabs, uglify-js

es6-shim 0.22.1 (13 Dec 2014)

  • Make RegExp#flags generic, per spec (#310)

es6-shim 0.22.0 (12 Dec 2014)

  • Add RegExp#flags
  • Make new RegExp work with both a regex and a flags string
  • Remove non-spec Object.{getPropertyNames,getPropertyDescriptor}

es6-shim 0.21.1 (4 Dec 2014)

  • Promise/Promise.prototype methods, and String#{startsWith,endsWith} are now not enumerable
  • Array#{keys, values, entries} should all be @@unscopeable in browsers that support that
  • Ensure that tampering with Function#{call,apply} won’t break internal methods
  • Add Math.clz32, RegExp tests
  • Update es6-sham UMD
  • Update chai, es5-shim, grunt-saucelabs, jscs

es6-shim 0.21.0 (21 Nov 2014)

  • String#contains → String#includes per 2014-11-19 TC39 meeting
  • Use an invalid identifier as the es6-shim iterator key, so it doesn’t show up in the console as easily.

es6-shim 0.20.4 (20 Nov 2014)

  • Performance improvements: avoid slicing arguments, avoid Function#call when possible
  • Name String.{fromCodePoint,raw} for debugging
  • Fix String.raw to match spec
  • Ensure Chrome’s excess Promise methods are purged
  • Ensure Set#keys === Set#values, per spec

es6-shim 0.20.3 (19 Nov 2014)

  • Fix Set#add and Map#set to always return “this” (#302)
  • Clarify TypeError messages thrown by Map/Set
  • Fix Chrome 38 bug with Array#values

es6-shim 0.20.2 (28 Oct 2014)

  • Fix AMD (#299)

es6-shim 0.20.1 (27 Oct 2014)

  • Set#delete and Map#delete should return false unless a deletion occurred. (#298)

es6-shim 0.20.0 (26 Oct 2014)

  • Use a more reliable UMD
  • export the global object rather than undefined

es6-shim 0.19.2 (25 Oct 2014)

  • Set#delete and Map#delete should return a boolean indicating success. (#298)
  • Make style consistent; add jscs

es6-shim 0.19.1 (14 Oct 2014)

  • Fix Map#set and Set#add to be chainable (#295)
  • Update mocha

es6-shim 0.19.0 (9 Oct 2014)

  • Detect and override noncompliant Map in Firefox 32 (#294)
  • Fix Map and Set for engines that don’t preserve numeric key order (#292, #290)
  • Detect and override noncompliant Safari 7.1 Promises (#289)
  • Fix Array#keys and Array#entries in Safari 7.1
  • General style and whitespace cleanup
  • Update dependencies
  • Clean up tests for ES3 by removing reserved words

es6-shim 0.18.0 (6 Sep 2014)

  • Speed up String#trim replacement (#284)
  • named Array#find and Array#findIndex for easier debugging
  • Replace broken native implementation in Firefox 25-31 for Array#find and Array#findIndex
  • Ensure String.fromCodePoint has the correct length in Firefox
  • List the license in package.json for npm
  • Array.from: fix spec bug with Array.from([], undefined) throwing
  • Array.from: fix Firefox Array.from bug wrt swallowing negative lengths vs throwing

es6-shim 0.17.0 (31 Aug 2014)

  • Added es6-sham (#281)
  • Fixing some flaky tests (#268)
  • Tweaking how ArrayIterator is checked in its “next” function
  • Cleaning up some of the logic in Array.from

es6-shim 0.16.0 (6 Aug 2014)

  • Array#find and Array#findIndex: no longer skips holes in sparse arrays, per

es6-shim 0.15.1 (5 Aug 2014)

  • Array.from: now correctly throws if provided undefined as a mapper function
  • Array.from: now correctly works if provided a falsy thisArg
  • Fix tests so they work properly when Array#(values keys entries) are not present
  • Add npm run lint to run style checks independently
  • Add test/native.html so browsers can be easily checked for shim-less compliance.

es6-shim 0.15.0 (31 Jul 2014)

  • Object.assign no longer throws on null or undefined sources, per

es6-shim 0.14.0 (20 Jul 2014)

  • Properly recognize Symbol.iterator when it is present (#277)
  • Fix Math.clz’s improper handling of values that coerce to NaN (#269)
  • Fix incorrect handling of negative end index on Array#fill (#270)
  • Removed Object.getOwnPropertyKeys, which shouldn’t be anywhere (#267)
  • Fixed arity of Map and Set constructors, per 2014.04.27 draft spec (rev 24)
  • Added a full additional suite of ES6 promise tests (thanks to @smikes!) (#265)
  • Make Number.isInteger a bit more efficient (#266)
  • Added npm run test-native to expose how broken implementations are without the shim ;-)
  • Added additional tests

es6-shim 0.13.0 (11 Jun 2014)

  • Adapt to new Array.from changes: mapper function is now called with both value and index (#261, #262)
  • More reliably getting the global object in strict mode to fix node-webkit (#258, #259)
  • Properly test the global Promise for ignoring non-function callbacks (#258)

es6-shim 0.12.0 (4 Jun 2014)

  • Fix String#trim implementations that incorrectly trim \u0085
  • Stop relying on ArrayIterator being a public var, fixing Safari 8

es6-shim 0.11.1 (2 Jun 2014)

  • Make sure to shim Object.assign in all environments, not just true ES5
  • Now including minified file and source map

es6-shim 0.11.0 (11 May 2014)

  • Remove Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors, per spec. (#234, #235)
  • IE8 fixes. (#163, #236)
  • Improve Promise scheduling. (#231)
  • Add some more standalone shims
  • Use an Object.create fallback, for better ES3 compatibility
  • Fix Math.expm1 in more browsers (#84)
  • Fix es6-shim in Web Workers (#247, #248)
  • Correct Object.assign to take multiple sources (#241)

es6-shim 0.10.1 (13 Mar 2014)

  • Update bower.json, component.json, and .npmignore (#229, #230, #233)
  • Minor updates to Promise implementation and test suite.
  • Workaround lack of “strict mode” in IE9. (#232)

es6-shim 0.10.0 (1 March 2014)

  • Implement Promise, per spec. (#209, #215, #224, #225)
  • Make Map/Set subclassable; support iterable argument to constructor (#218)
  • Rename Number#clz to Math.clz32 (#217)
  • Bug fixes to Array#find and Array#findIndex on sparse arrays (#213)
  • Re-add Number.isInteger (mistakenly removed in 0.9.0)
  • Allow use of arguments as an iterable
  • Minor spec-compliance fixes for String.raw
  • In ES6, Object.keys accepts non-Object types (#220)
  • Improved browser compatibility with IE 9/10, Opera 12 (#225)

es6-shim 0.9.3 (5 February 2014)

  • Per spec, removed Object.mixin (#192)
  • Per spec, treat -0 and +0 keys as identical in Map/Set (#129, #204)
  • Per spec, ArrayIterator/Array#values() skips sparse indexes now. (#189)
  • Added Array.from, supporting Map/Set/Array/String iterators (the String iterator iterates over codepoints, not indexes) (#182)
  • Bug fixes to Map/Set iteration after concurrent delete. (#183)
  • Bug fixes to Number.clz: 0 and 0x100000000 are handled correctly now. (#196)
  • Added Math.fround to truncate to a 32-bit floating point number. (#140)
  • Bug fix for Math.cosh (#178)
  • Work around Firefox bugs in String#startsWith and String#endsWith (#172)
  • Work around Safari bug in Math.imul

es6-shim 0.9.2 (18 December 2013)

  • Negative String#endsWith position is now handled properly.
  • TypeError is now thrown when string methods are called on null / undefined.

es6-shim 0.9.1 (28 October 2013)

  • Added Array#copyWithin and Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER
  • Big speed-up of Maps / Sets for string / number keys: they are O(1) now.
  • Changed Math.hypot according to spec.
  • Other small fixes.

es6-shim 0.9.0 (30 August 2013)

  • Added Array iteration methods: Array#keys, Array#values, Array#entries, which return an ArrayIterator
  • Changed Map and Set constructors to conform to spec when called without new
  • Added Math.imul
  • Per spec, removed Number.toInteger, Number.isInteger, and Number.MAX_INTEGER; added Number.isSafeInteger, Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER
  • Added extensive additional tests for many methods

es6-shim 0.8.0 (8 June 2013)

  • Added Object.setPrototypeOf, Set#keys, Set#values, Map#keys, Map#values, Map#entries, Set#entries.
  • Fixed String#repeat according to spec.

es6-shim 0.7.0 (2 April 2013)

  • Added Array#find, Array#findIndex, Object.assign, Object.mixin, Math.cbrt, String.fromCodePoint, String#codePointAt.
  • Removed Object.isnt.
  • Made Math functions fully conform spec.

es6-shim 0.6.0 (15 January 2013)

  • Added Map#keys, Map#values, Map#size, Set#size, Set#clear.

es6-shim 0.5.3 (2 September 2012)

  • Made String#startsWith, String#endsWith fully conform spec.

es6-shim 0.5.2 (17 June 2012)

  • Removed String#toArray and Object.isObject as per spec updates.

es6-shim 0.5.1 (14 June 2012)

  • Made Map and Set follow Spidermonkey implementation instead of V8. var m = Map(); m.set('key', void 0); m.has('key'); now gives true.

es6-shim 0.5.0 (13 June 2012)

  • Added Number.MAX_INTEGER, Number.EPSILON, Number.parseInt, Number.parseFloat, Number.prototype.clz, Object.isObject.

es6-shim 0.4.1 (11 May 2012)

  • Fixed boundary checking in Number.isInteger.

es6-shim 0.4.0 (8 February 2012)

  • Added Math.log10, Math.log2, Math.log1p, Math.expm1, Math.cosh, Math.sinh, Math.tanh, Math.acosh, Math.asinh, Math.atanh, Math.hypot, Math.trunc.

es6-shim 0.3.1 (30 January 2012)

  • Added IE8 support.

es6-shim 0.3.0 (27 January 2012)

  • Added Number.isFinite() and Object.isnt().

es6-shim 0.2.1 (7 January 2012)

  • Fixed a bug in String#endsWith().

es6-shim 0.2.0 (25 December 2011)

  • Added browser support.
  • Added tests.
  • Added Math.sign().

es6-shim 0.1.0 (25 December 2011)

  • Initial release