I’ve always claimed that I have proof the universe is full of intelligent life (according to our definition of intelligence), and it’s simply that we ARE the perfect example of intelligent life in our universe as there is literally nothing about our existential circumstances that’s special or unique and most of our planet’s complex life evolved within the last 600 million years. Now look at all we know about the universe from its largest parts (galaxies?) to the smallest (quantum particles?), there is not one thing in our universe that’s one of itself. Everything has billions, trillions, and beyond, of itself; even at the scale of a single galaxy.

Our recent technological awakening is laughably small compared to the age of this solar system or life on this planet; or even how long homosapiens have been around. Electricty was discovered in the 1800 as well as radio waves and first combustion engine invention. Took about a hundred years or so to get to the first airplane. Then about 70 to send humans to the moon, and 15 years after, the internet. We are on a crazy accelerating ride towards a completely unkown reality and at any given point we have no concept or notion of what possibilities lie beyond the next major civilization disrupter until after the thing actually happens!

Imagine attempting to explain to a normal person in 1900 that someone will create a machine that allow men to fly in the sky 3 years from today, you’d be laughed at or called insane. We are so shit at predicting how our reality is going to change next, it’s a genuine miracle we made it this far.

Our tiny technological awakening means that 100% (or pretty damn close) of all intelligent life in our galaxy has been around significantly longer. Imagine another intelligence that had a tiny technological headstart on us, could we ever be capable of comprehending something that will be invented after 5000 years of exponential technological advancement from where we are now? that’s impossible.

Some great scifi writers were able to somehow navigate beyond the limits of our imagination and explore what may lie on the highway to wherever all of this is going, one of the best examples of this I’ve ever read is a short story by Isaac Asimov called “The Last Question”. In it Asimov imagines how the very nature of humans will change across vast amounts of technological time co-evolving and eventually superseded by a thing that suspiciously resembles where Google is going for.

But what about the Fermi paradox?

That thing is not a law of physics or even a theory, it’s simply a philosophical question making many assumptions that could be completely wrong. In other words, it’s nothing more than a question without a clear answer and doesn’t really prove or disprove anything.

The biggest problem I have with the Fermi paradox is its assumption that what we know at this very moment about our reality, physics, and the universe.. are most of everything there is to know. That has already been proven false in so many ways. For example there is an assumption that radio waves are how all other intelligent civilizations communicate simply because that’s how we do it? Well, I’m connected to the internet via a focused light-beam travelling through an optical fiber cable.. no radio waves involved and it’s impossible to detect from outside the system. How about quantum particles? gravitational waves? whatever the heck is that weird energy pushing the universe to expand? or many other things we haven’t discovered or know anything about yet.. any of them could be used for communication somehow.

So I say.. the Fermi paradox is no longer valid.


UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) are what the US government calls what previously was known as UFOs. They changed the name because UFO became synonymous with crazy people trying so hard to make space ships and little green aliens a reality because they believe it almost on a religious level without following a valid process to prove or disprove. And also because a lot of the alleged sightings are not even an object but a weather phenomenon of some sort or a reflection of something.

Ouch my conspiracy theory

One of the most wide spread and oldest conspiracy theories is that the american government are hiding that they are in posession of alien technology and/or they are in contact with some aliens on some level. You must have heard of area 51, roswell, alien abductions, or the endless stream of holywood movies portraying the government covering up alien involvement in things.

I was watching a series of short videos that investigate and interview military personale involved in the recent government released UAP videos and I realized there is indeed a conspiracy, but it isn’t that someone has some secret information.. rather that the US government wants to pretend none of this is happening because executive military/government people who like ambition ladders consider any “aliens” like talk to be a threat to their ladder-climbing so they look the other way when it comes up and bury it in any way they can when no one is looking. There is a lot of stigma about it and it’s not just in the military but in society at large. This stigma was behind how long it took for this phenomenon to be confirmed.

What happened?

A bunch of videos of these UAPs that were leaked previously were confirmed and re-released by the Pentagon, in essence proving that a portion of that UFO nonsense may actually have been real all along. What’s even more is that some military people who were present and involved in these recorded incidents stepped forward and talked about their experience and all they know and they all repeated the same thing: the government doesn’t care about this even when it’s evaluated as a potential risk to equipment or life.

The same reluctance and stigma are echoed by the majority of the science community. They have been constantly pushing anything related to possible intelligent life or looking for signs of extraterrestrial technology under the rug. This is going as far as blocking funding to research or projects that openly mention anything that can be connected directly or indirectly to “aliens”.

Here’s a podcast by Lex interviewing David Fravor who literally attempted to engage one of these things in an F/A-18 IRL:

So now we believe in UFOs/UAPs?

Only that these things are impossible to identify and appear to be technological in nature and purposeful. If you saw those confirmed videos and heard what the eye witnesses involved said, these things whatever they are do not come from space but actually seem to hangout in and around our own oceans!

I was considering what this means. What they could be and how to find a way to logically think about this whole thing. And I felt I want to share my perspective.

But this post is long enough already. I want to write a lot about this as the non-sensical nature of these things intrigue me lol.. so in the next part I’ll examine some fun theories as to what these things could be in my very-madeup opinion.

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04 May 2021